Visit to Old Age Home


PAC Pre-schoolers were escorted and shown 2 different homes for old age people, one home had all grandpas and on the another home had all Grandmas …. 👉👴👵👨‍🦳👩‍🦳

It was really a poignant experience for all the students to visit the old age home and interact with its inmates. This visit was a huge learning experience for our kiddos and after spending an hour with them … Children greeted them with love and joy and entertained them by dancing on “Love you Zindagi”, sang Vande Mataram, said the Indian plegde in respect to them and lastly disturbuted goodies to them and gave a greeting card which was made by them.

The idea was to sensitize the children of today and inculcate in them the values of empathy and compassion.

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