Paryushan is the most important annual holy events for jains. Paryushan means it is a time for opening the lock of the heart and cleaning of the dirt (karma) which is collected on the soul. This special eight days festival is for introspection, it is a time to scrutinize our within.

Today PAC celebrated PARYUSHAN festival by taking kids to jain temple. We took them to Sen-roof temple on link road.
All the kids bowed down to God, did dhoop (incense stick), chaamar, rang the temple bell, applied tilak on the forehead and took Naman (Pakshaal water).

All the kids have received prasaad (sweet box) and 10 rupees in return, that is called “Prabhavana” and children learnt to say “Jai Jinenedra” after receiving the Prabhavana.

Kids behaved really well inside the temple, for almost 30-45 mins they kept maintained silence in Derasar.

It was a great spiritual experience for all the kids and our team 🙏🏻

Sorry for the inconveniences, we missed informing you prior to our visit …

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