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Separation anxiety and feelings of insecurity are our topmost fears. Children at daycare go through a terrible emotional turmoil as they feel separated and devoid of their parent’s love. So, at PAC we offer a child a homely environment with warm and caring caretakers so that they can nurture and grow beautifully.

While children are allowed to explore and engage in activities of their choice, they have to follow some ground rules like – NO wastage of food and other resources, respecting one and all, and compulsory READING time.

Our DAY CARE Centre offers immense learning opportunities for children to share, care, manage relationships, handle conflicts and become a TEAM player.

PAC’s Day Care Centre is a cozy, comfortable, caring, facility for young children of working parents. Children are nurtured like a family. PAC Day Care offers its services to children from the age of 1.5 years to 12 years.

Highlights of PAC Day Care:

Regular schedule and activities: At PAC, every young child has a fixed schedule. Although children might not be aware of the ticking clock, children are provided with full slate of activities that include songs, storytelling, free playing, napping, nutritional eating, craft and indoor games like Scramble, The game of life, Ludo, Tic Tac Toe, Snake & Ladder etc. For toddlers, these fun tasks are essential to their intellectual growth and development.

Time with peers: Kids get to spend time with one another in a supervised, structured and safe environment. Kids learn to solve problems, share, play and learn well together, while their minds are still growing and personalities are still emerging.

PAC makes kids better communicators: PAC offers a great opportunity for your kids to socialize at a young age and in turn, it can help them to learn communication skills as well because they’ve been more exposed to kids of different ages.

PAC help kids try healthier foods: Children in PAC are more willing to try nutritious food because daycare staff talks with the kids about the healthy food they are eating. A willingness to try more foods while they’re younger can pay off over time when parents try to introduce
those foods in meals later on.

Helping in academics: Our caretaker assures to help children in academics as well. Activities such as singing rhymes, supporting child to complete worksheet, guiding them to finish their school homework, taking up lessons, assisting during exam time (as per parent and child’s needs)

Features of PAC day care:

• PAC environment is safe, clean, hygienic and peaceful.
• A child friendly appropriate infrastructure.
• Provision of simple, nutritious and home cooked meals prepared in our homelike kitchen which is fully equipped like refrigerator, aquaguard, induction, etc.
• 3 meals prepared by our full day in-house cook. Roti, subji, Dal, rice, curds for lunch. Evening hot snacks are prepared freshly and served to children like Parathas, Dhoklas, Dosa, Idli, Sandwiches, Laapsi, Kheer, Sheera, etc. In between they are also served with fruits and Milk.
• An experienced, dedicated Mother teacher for their supervision, taking care of their needs, helping them learn various activities, follows a dynamic curriculum, updating the parents about the child’s daily schedule, sharing pictures and videos about their routine activities, etc.
• Your child will be looked after by a warm and caring personnel.
• Close supervision in the kitchen & the superior quality of raw material being used in cooking.
• Loads of educational toys and games for their free play which helps in cognitive development.

Timing – 8 am to 8 pm (timing can be customized as per parent’s requirements) Day care can be combined with the multiple intelligence activities for their further enrichment and making them skillful.

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Naresh Smruti, First Floor,S.L. Road, Mulund (w), Mumbai 400080
Call Us on 093238 01988

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