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Welcome to Pac Preschools

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We aim to create a learning environment where every child feels respected and supported.

Our main values

Our Philosophy & Mission

We strive to work together to build and maintain trusting and respectful relationships with both children and families.

Our activities

Skills That Children Will Learn
  • Art & Drawing
  • Karate
  • Pottery
  • French
  • Gymnatics / Yoga
  • Skating
  • Chess
  • Gardening
  • Sanskrit
  • Keyboard
  • Tabla / Rythm
  • Fitness

what parents say

Testimonials About PAC Pre-schools

It was our first time enrolling our son in Preschool, so we are nervous at first but the teachers and the rest of the staff at PAC Pre School are so incredible that they soon made us feel compatible. They take the time to know each child and their families so that everyone is comfortable. We are incredibly blessed to have our son attending PAC Pre School. Our son is excited every morning about going to school. He is becoming more social and educated each day. Our child has learned so much from the pre-school activities, We are very thankful to have discovered PAC Pre School and its incredible staff. We highly recommend this Pre School.”

Sameer Malwade & Sarika Malwade (Parents of Shlok)

Sameer Malwade & Sarika Malwade (Parents of Shlok)

PAC is a new age pre school which is perfect blend of learning with fun. Practical teaching with real life experiences makes it apart from other pre schools. My daughter is always very keen to go to school which is a testimonay of the fun she has at school. Teachers and suppport staff are quite motivated and work in the best interest of childs development. Bijal madam has truely created a great institute. I can see noticeable development of my child. Cheers.

Jimit Sheth (Father of Smahi Sheth)

Jimit Sheth (Father of Smahi Sheth)

PAC is a home beyond home for my son. The warmth of the dedicated teacher and aunties is commendable. Hygiene is up to the mark. Food is nutritious and fed with love. My son enjoys being at PAC… Bijal…we trust you with my little one and that speaks volumes that we hold PAC in high regard.

Jyoti Chawda (Mother of Harshal Chawda)

Jyoti Chawda (Mother of Harshal Chawda)

Naresh Smruti, First Floor,S.L. Road, Mulund (w), Mumbai 400080
Call Us on 093238 01988

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