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This is the time when your little bundle of joy jumps out of your secured net of love and pampering and is off to experience the world outside home and family members.
Our curriculum prepares them for the time ahead of them by patiently helping them become independent learners.

They fight and play, fall and dance, love and tolerate, make new buddies all of which help develop their fine-gross motor skills and their social and emotional development.

PAC Preschools offers a rich, nurturing and experiential nursery program for children from 1.5 years to 4. years of age. Children take advantage of a well-planned environment which encourages discovery, social interaction and self-reliance through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities such as water play, sand play, dramatic play, art, blocks and so on.

The methodology followed at PAC Preschools is a combination of experiential learning and thematic approach. A project topic is decided and then math, language and EVS are integrated into it. Activities such as art, craft and singing are interwoven into the topic. Field trips and dramatization make it a personal experience for the students. The themes evolve along with the ever-changing surrounding environment.

All learning experiences follow the sequence of concrete, semi-concrete and abstract. It also follows known to unknown and simple to complex learning. The syllabus is designed as per stage and age appropriateness.

Age Eligibility: 1.5 to 2.5 years 


Me and my husband were completely confused on our take to send our little 18month old lo to a preschool, however we had to go by our choice n stick to it seeing Ferra’s oodles of energy levels so that we could infuse her energy fruitfully and to our surprise the purpose got served at PAC. She has superbly got settled in a routine which we all parents dream of our children to get into and more over she has been simply enjoying her learning time and really longs to go to her school post a weekend break which really makes it worthwhile. The teachers are simply humble to connect with and always have had a hearing ear to the parents query and the hospitality staff is also excellent as my daughter being too small to be potty trained, utmost care has been taken to avoid any accidents. The weekly run through for the parents, on Fridays is the best part; where the school exhibits our child’s entire weeks work and not only the teacher but even my child takes me around for the tour.The best USP at PAC is that the school follows Multple Intelligence theory which is one of its kind and the first centre in Mulund to go for it. Me and my husband are simply elated with PAC❤

Dipika Uresh Kakariya (Mother of Ferra)

Dipika Uresh Kakariya (Mother of Ferra)

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Naresh Smruti, First Floor,S.L. Road, Mulund (w), Mumbai 400080
Call Us on 093238 01988

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