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Mrs. Bijal Chandaria is the face behind PAC, she has been an enthusiastic and passionate educationist for the last 26 years with the vision to help children Unveil the hidden potential that Empowers them to Master the skill in the chosen fields over a period of time. The concept of Multiple Intelligences Activities is designed to focus holistic development in children and help them discover their true “Potentials”. It’s a powerful concept of activities based on the theory of 8 multiple intelligences. We have a strong belief in this theory since it has helped transform children’s personalities in the most magical ways. So, keeping in mind the same theory, the curriculum of PAC pre- schools is also designed and planned accordingly which was launched in June 2018.

Our motive always remains to help each child discover their hidden “Potentials” and promote holistic development in children irrespective of each of the module pre-school or day care or evening multiple intelligences activities.

PAC offers a rich, nurturing and experiential program for children from 1.5 years to 14 years of age. We at PAC are committed in developing and strengthening a child’s self-esteem and confidence by cultivating positive attitude, skills, interests and positive peer relations. We want to instil love for understanding and learning in children.We let children teach themselves and try not to just feed them with information. This results in children who can think for themselves and seek further knowledge.

Our Philosophy

Mission and Vision

Mission:  Helping individuals to discover their hidden Potentials.

Vision: PAC was launched in 2004 with the vision “to help children Unveil the hidden potential that Empowers them to Master the skill in the chosen fields over a period of time.”

Our aim is to foster well rounded HAPPY individuals.

The curriculum is designed keeping the 8 multiple intelligences in mind for stimulating the child’s whole brain which helps in holistic development and grooming the child’s personality. The well researched, planned and structured curriculum of PAC Preschool blends all the developmental needs of children from 1.5 years to 3.5 years which makes it one of the best Play Schools in Mulund. It includes physical development (gross and fine motor skills), social development (etiquette, sharing, caring, team work etc), language development, cognitive development, and aesthetic development.

PAC Preschool
PAC Preschool
PAC Preschool
PAC Preschool

Top Teachers

Our teachers makes us what we are. PAC Preschools is proud of its teacher and would like you to know about them well. Here are the list of our awesome teachers.

Disha Dedhia_PreSchool_Teacher

Disha Dedhia

PreSchool Teacher
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