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Technology and Preschoolers

Technology the word itself reminds kids of iPad, cell phones, I pods, Mac book, play stations, gaming zones and so on.

Is this what technology is all about? No… Technology has a broader spectrum which includes an array of things. Technology provides a platform for the preschoolers to explore and learn. Technology can also promote growth and learning if appropriately designed for preschoolers.

It would be a great teaching tool where children can learn better with audio visual stimulation. Seek answers to varied questions which would quench their thirst of curiosity, reach out to the world and would develop open mindedness to endless knowledge rather than drill and practice.

These days your child’s developmental milestones includes technology like cell phones, computers etc. As a parent you would like to document your child 1st smile, 1st word and 1st steps. But today our photo albums are getting filled with our child using 1st electronic toy, I pad and computers. We as parents need to pay little attention as to what is most important and beneficial for our kids. Because reality is that these milestones are coming whether we like it or not.

Technology once lived in the world…. today we are living in the world of technology…Technology today has become and inseparable part of our living.

If we are able to strike a balance when it comes to use of technology children will never face the lack of time for essential personal interaction in the real world. Children will have time for creative thought rather than mind wandering. Technology should be used in moderation to supplement and not substitute hands on learning with real materials. Use of technology should be in a ratio of 1:5 (1: technology, 5: hands on learning experience)

While using technology adults should work as partners as they do during other plays.

Activities for preschoolers:

  • Keyboard: Develop an artificial keyboard similar to the actual keyboard. Read aloud few words, symbols, numbers, commands. Let children type those (instructions given) correctly on the keyboard.
  • Counting using a calculator: Divide children I pairs 1 child will use a calculator the other will do it manually. Reverse the turn after 3 trails. Child is using a calculator and at the same time doing it manually. It could be counting numbers, calculating time, doing calculations etc.
  • Use of calendars: With the use of calendar help children learn the habit of planning. Help them schedule a week with the help of a calendar.
  • Rhymes: Playing audio visual rhymes and asking the child to say a new word with each alphabet leads to vocabulary development.


These activities would promote use of gadgets which would in-turn foster the child understanding along with the use of technology.


T – TEACH                                                    P- PRESCHOOLERS

E – EXTEND                                                   R – RELATE

C – CATER                                                      E – EXPERIENCE

H – HELP                                                        S – SENSORY

N – NURTURE                                              C – CHAANELIZE

O – OPPORTUNITIES                                  H – HURDLES

L – LEARNS                                                  O – OVERTLY

O – OVERALL                                              O – OCCUPIES

G – GROWS                                                    L – LEARNING

Y – YOUNG CHAMPS                                  E – EXECUTE




Naresh Smruti, First Floor,S.L. Road, Mulund (w), Mumbai 400080
Call Us on 093238 01988

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