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Founder and director of PAC


Founder’s Message:

A passionate educator since 23 years (1997), launched PAC in 2004 with the vision to help children Unveil the hidden potential that Empowers them to Master the skill in the chosen fields over a period of time.

Years of building people’s capacities, through guiding, coaching and training. Having closely worked with young children and young parents she has effectively connected and impacted people across generations. She initiated her professional journey as an educator very early in life, helping women recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate their identity and inherent power to endure and contribute to society.

She practices her learning. An epitome of a balanced life, she has invested heavily in self development and building her capabilities to enhance the value of her contribution to society. A visionary with immense depth, she has worked to fulfill her purpose of life with a clear focus and flow. She is from a business class family and has tremendous family support. She holds a degree in BHSC from SVT college (Juhu), ECCE from Sophia polytechnic. She is a passionate trekker and a marathoner too.

Founder’s Message:

Dear Parents,

My heartfelt gratitude to all of you for enabling the expansion of PAC family. Each year has been a year of victory for us not only in statistical terms but victory in further strengthening our values – staying united in spirit, maintaining the youthful spirit, developing the courageous and compassionate heart. True victory to us is winning each day over our negativeness and shortcomings. The happiest moments are not those of our own successes but when someone tells us that we have made a positive contribution to their life. Let us be judged by our actions.

The three qualities which as a team at PAC we have imbibed and are instilling in our children are- the strong will/resolve to surmount every obstacle; courage to rise to every challenge with the fearless spirit; the sincerity to do our very best and win the trust of others.

Our services have been very well received. It has facilitated us to connect with our alumni and has added strength to our voice. Our voice is a reflection of our heart, our spirit. 

A single person of wisdom firmly rooted in society has a value and significance equivalent to a thousand or even ten thousand people

As educators and parents let us continually encourage and inspire our children and make them proud by our great deeds and being the role model for them.

Warm Regards,
Mrs. Bijal Chandaria

Naresh Smruti, First Floor,S.L. Road, Mulund (w), Mumbai 400080
Call Us on 093238 01988

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