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Learning through play

Pac Pre-Schools is a school where children most often………
Lead…. rather than follow the teacher.
Create…. rather than duplicate.
Move….. rather than wait.
Make the lines….. rather than color in the lines.

A place where most often they make……..
Art…. rather than Craft.
Speak…. rather than listen passively.
Initiate…. rather than Imitate.
Raise questions…. rather than answer the teacher’s questions.

Its a place where children ….
Use authentic skills…. rather than drill and practice.
Make books…. rather than fill in workbooks.
Decide…. rather than submit.

By The Sea is a place where children are encouraged to….
Choose wisely…. rather than being told.
Make a plan…. rather than follow the teacher’s plan.
Try again…. rather than fail.
At By The Sea we take Play very seriously…..
It looks like Block Play but children are learning about…Weight, space balance and dimensions.
To plan and problem solve.
To communicate ideas & cooperate with friends.
To use their imagination.
It looks like Dramatic Play but children are learning…..
To take on roles of others.
To experiment with language.
To safely act out fears & life experiences.
To develop social relationships.
It looks like Sand & Water Play but children are learning….
To engage their senses.
To use basic concepts related to Maths & Science.
To pour, shift, measure & mould.
It looks like Toys…. but children are learning ….
To develop hand/eye coordination.
To complete a task.
To match and classify.
To strengthen the small finger muscles used in writing.
About shapes and spatial relationships.
It looks like Messy Art but children are learning….
To expand their creative powers through colour, shapes, texture and design.
To express their thoughts.
It looks like Gym/Outdoor Play but children are learning….
To use their large muscles by climbing, jumping, tossing, skipping, etc.
To cooperate in group games.
To develop social skills.
It looks like Snack time but children are learning….
To use one- to- one correspondence during table setting.
To try new things.
To think about food selection.
To enjoy the company of adults and children.
It looks like Book corner time but children are learning…..
To see that language is useful and powerful.
To find new information.
To deal with feelings.
To develop basic concepts of print.
To let their imagination run free.
It looks like Circle time but children are learning….
To share and listen.
To follow simple examples.
To actively participate in a group.
To wait as others have a turn.
It looks like Activity time but children are learning….
To make choices.
To make a plan.
To be independent.
To cut, glue, paste and use markers.
To direct themselves in activities.
To seek help when needed.

It looks like Play but …. It is how children learn everything!

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Naresh Smruti, First Floor,S.L. Road, Mulund (w), Mumbai 400080
Call Us on 093238 01988

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