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Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. It opens doorways to learn international languages too. By learning Sanskrit children are exposed to various types of vocabulary which helps them in tongue twisting which also works as an exercising the tongue and helps in sending messages and the nerve endings are directly connected with the neurons which helps in speech development.

It helps in sharpening the memory. Sanskrit is taught in an absolute play way method. It is taught in the form of a spoken language. It is not only taught in the form of shlokas but also sentence formation, general knowledge, common concepts, etc. From tiny tots to young adults we get 200 responses from all of them.

Sanskrit has beautifully worked with special kids. Children with delayed speech, autism & dyslexia have got amazing transformation in their speech. Few also had to stop their speech therapy after seeing the benefits of learning Sanskrit language.

Sanskrit is one of our star activities at PAC. To see how our children have benefitted by learning Sanskrit – Do check our videos in Gallery on our website & our Facebook & YouTube accounts.

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Naresh Smruti, First Floor,S.L. Road, Mulund (w), Mumbai 400080
Call Us on 093238 01988

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